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What if I am not satisfied with Soul paseo company?

This is your FAQ Answer. Consider adding a photo or video as a visual tool or for extra impact.keep your receipts ,take before and after photos .read and initial your contract with a sales agent .provide copy's of text between you and the the employees,make sure thier up to company standards .if theirs an issue you have proof or may qualify for a refund .call are team and present an action form .you may also get your money back if we can't meet your standard .you may receive an up charge fee if you provide false info .you may need an lawyer on big claims or may have to file a law suit .

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

First welcome soul paseo ,meeting a new provider shines alot of ,Amazon started in a house setting with two employees.theyve grown  to a billion dollar industry but having safe and effective practices .they've also made son and daughter company's that you may have not heard of .first time providers may offer something that huge company can't .example .Wilmington waste management can only take yard debris on Friday .you simply won't have time to finish the project and will have fold the offer and pay tons of money to finish the project .(junk king or soul paseo may be able to pick up the items  and finish the job the same day but may not have fancy commercial equipment or licenses .but your project will be done  .perhaps you will save alot of money and recieve the same quality of work .it's just done by a mom and pop shop  or smaller company .thanks for listening and remembering call text book and write us .we would love to hear from you .

Do you have a customer referral program?

This is your FAQ Answer. Absolutely we have an affordable customer package made for new customer referral.we will  revise or expand as necessary to make sure your a good fit and we complete task .. Consider adding a photo or video as a visual tool or for extra impact consistently 

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